Loose Women Competition

The Loose Women Competition has been running for many years now on ITV’s flagship program Loose Women. The show gets over a million viewers per day and is a favourite of the stay-at-home Mum, probably because of the easy flowing chat and daily celebrity gossip. Every day the show invites a celebrity guest on to talk and entertain us whilst they promote their new book or DVD. They have had some very famous faces on at times but mostly it’s some ‘B’ listed British actor or comedian.

The competition is in the standard format that television has adopted with stupidly easy questions that even a child of five could answer. You can enter the competition by texting a, b or c to a short mobile number, which incurs the cost of a premium rate call, or for free by going to the Loose Women Competition web page. This is the point that most people don’t know about; all of the TV competitions can be entered free of charge usually on the channels web site or by post. Read the small print under the question and answers on the screen and it usually says you can enter via post or online.

The competition prize is usually cash between £10k and £25k but also luxury holidays and cars are sometimes up for grabs. Just this year the Loose Women Competition has given away the following.


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